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You know what also has a good taste? The donuts from Lebanon’s Titus Bakery.

“It was actually was my father’s bakery, he purchased it in the early 80s so we’re 35 years old,” says owner Terry Rake, a third generation baker.

Her grandfather actually owned a bakery in Lebanon back in the 50s. Today, Titus serves everything from deli sandwiches and coffee to pies and dog bones but their specialty is donuts! Before they are glazed and sprinkled, though, most of the donuts are made partly by hand.

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Terry has customers from all over town. Some make a special trip to Lebanon just to stop by Titus.

“(We’re known for our) quality of donut, it’s the best there is around, we have a lot of people from out of town that stop in.”

Titus Bakery is planning to open a second location in central Indiana next year.

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