• Pershing – Maple iced with a Cinnamon swirl inside
  • Bismark – Chocolate or maple iced with a cream filled center
  • Lemon Filled Bismark – Lemon custard filling sprinkled with powder sugar
  • Jelly Filled Bismark – Red Raspberry filling with white icing
  • Custard – Custard filled with Chocolate icing
  • Yeast Donuts – Glazed or iced
  • Cake – Glazed, devil’s food, crunch, blueberry and pumpkin
  • Munchie Sticks – Yeast donut
  • Nut Sticks – Maple icing with chopped peanuts
  • Fried Danish – Glazed with cinnamon and sugar sprinkle
  • Fruit Filled Danish – Apple, peach, apricot, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, cream cheese
  • Apple Fritters – Apple and cinnamon center with cinnamon and sugar sprinkle
  • Honey Buns – Cinnamon and Sugar Crunch
  • Donut Holes – Glazed. Decorated for special orders
  • Peanut Butter – Chocolate iced with creaming peanut butter fluff center
  • Dirty Nut – Maple iced with devils food and peanut crunch topping

Bakery Items

  • Cinnamon Rolls – With or without pecans
  • Cream Horns
  • Cannoli’s
  • Donut Pudding – Made with yeast, raisins, cinnamon, half & half and white iced
  • Various cookies available
  • Fruit filled and cream homemade pies – Call ahead to order
  • Dessert and special occasion cakes – Call ahead to order

Sandwiches – Proudly Featuring Boar’s Head Premium Deli Meats and Cheeses

(Sandwiches include leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and your choice of condiments all on a Titus bun.)

      • The Gobbler – Ovengold Turkey with American Cheese
      • The Piggy – Tavern Ham with domestic Swiss Cheese
      • The Moovelous R & B – Seasoned Roast Beef with Yellow Vermont Cheddar
      • The Hoagie – Hard Salami, Tavern Ham, Ovengold Turkey, Domestic Swiss Cheese



  • Pepsi products
  • Milk
  • Sweet and unsweet tea
  • Water
  • Juice
  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot tea
  • Titus Brand coffee
    • Regular
    • decaffeinated
    • Pershing Blend – (cinnamon and maple flavor)
            -Take home a 12 oz pack of coffee -

      Whole Bean (regular blend) and ground pershing blend (cinnamon and maple flavor)

Disclaimer Regarding Allergens

(If you are allergic to it, you may assume that it is in our products. For more specific details, please email us and will gladly try to answer your questions. We recognize the seriousness of food allergies, and will do our best to address your concerns.)

          The following ingredients are used in the bakery:
    • Milk and/or milk powder
    • Eggs –pasteurized whole, yolks & whites
    • Tree Nuts – pecans, walnuts, almonds, cashews, macadamia
    • Soy – in any product containing shortening
    • Corn – in our icings
    • Wheat
    • Coconut
    • Peanuts